AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-06-22example.t: Add FAQ on forward references using toc.tmacJohn Ankarström
2021-06-22example.t: Document toc.tmacJohn Ankarström
2021-06-22example.t: Add table of contentsJohn Ankarström
2021-06-22Improve toc.tmacJohn Ankarström
2021-06-22toc/example.t: Change formattingJohn Ankarström
2021-06-22Add toc.tmacJohn Ankarström
2021-06-22Add hacking.tJohn Ankarström
2021-06-22Remove @ds, @nrJohn Ankarström
2021-06-22Change %i, %e to #i, #eJohn Ankarström
2021-06-22ne.t: Circumvent removal of mb registerJohn Ankarström
2021-06-22example.t: Make small additionJohn Ankarström
2021-06-22Remove all configuration registers (mt, mb, tt, tb)John Ankarström
2021-06-21Implement selectable date formats for dJohn Ankarström
2021-06-21Fix formattingJohn Ankarström
2021-06-21t.tmac: Reword success summaryJohn Ankarström
2021-06-21Change macro/register naming schemeJohn Ankarström
2021-06-21ne.t: Test s l, s llJohn Ankarström
2021-06-21Have w request just a tiny bit more spaceJohn Ankarström
2021-06-21Add testsJohn Ankarström
2021-06-21Have w not request too much spaceJohn Ankarström
2021-06-21example.t: Document wJohn Ankarström
2021-06-20Improve wJohn Ankarström
2021-06-20Add w (want space) macroJohn Ankarström
2021-06-20Have d not print anything if given \&John Ankarström
2021-06-20example.t: Expand FAQJohn Ankarström
2021-06-20Restore environment after footnote entryJohn Ankarström
2021-06-20Support custom vertical spacing in footnotesJohn Ankarström
2021-06-20Add example.pdfJohn Ankarström
2021-06-20example.t: Add example for t, dJohn Ankarström
2021-06-20Fix footer positionJohn Ankarström
2021-06-20example.t: Rename e to nJohn Ankarström
2021-06-20Fix control character in second argument to cJohn Ankarström
2021-06-20Add first-line indentation to footnotesJohn Ankarström
2021-06-20Rename _ft, _ht, _nt to _tf, _th, _tnJohn Ankarström
2021-06-20Use smaller interword spacing in cJohn Ankarström
2021-06-20example.t: Add FAQJohn Ankarström
2021-06-20Remove n macro (use d instead)John Ankarström
2021-06-20Fix overflowed word after footnote sectionJohn Ankarström
2021-06-20Have c copy relative font size instead of absolute from lJohn Ankarström
2021-06-20example.t: Improve e macro, remove cc, eo requestsJohn Ankarström
2021-06-20Resume environment after page breakJohn Ankarström
2021-06-20Add tt, tb strings (top, bottom margin text)John Ankarström
2021-06-19example.t: Start documenting internal macrosJohn Ankarström
2021-06-19Add ne request to h and s macrosJohn Ankarström
2021-06-19Fix control character in third argument to qJohn Ankarström
2021-06-19Fix control character in first argument to cJohn Ankarström
2021-06-19Fix control character in third argument to inline macrosJohn Ankarström
2021-06-19Have c copy font family and point size from l environmentJohn Ankarström
2021-06-19Fix page break bug in _ftJohn Ankarström
2021-06-19Change heading, footnote formattingJohn Ankarström