--- Overview ---

This repository is divided into three subdirectories:

 * mk
 * toc
 * list

`make install' will install all of these (except kx.tmac).
You may want to set TMACDIR, BINDIR and MANDIR before installing.
Depending on your troff implementation, you may also need to remove
the .tmac extension from the installed macro packages.

--- Summary ---

* Mk is a simple and modern troff macro package.  It is divided
  into two files:

    k.tmac -- base macros
    kx.tmac -- extra macros (not installed by default)

* Toc provides a simple method of creating forward references, such
  as tables of contents, in troff documents.  It consists of a
  shell script and a macro package:

    toc -- runs troff in multiple passes
    toc.tmac -- macros to be used with toc

* List provides a way to include source code in troff documents
  without needing to escape special characters.  It consists of a
  single Perl script:

    list -- escapes text between .l( and .l)

--- Note ---

Permission to use, copy, modify and/or distribute this software
for any purpose with or without fee is hereby granted.