AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-07-04v0.2v0.2John Ankarstrom
2021-07-04README: Add note about .tmac extensionJohn Ankarstrom
2021-07-04mk/README.t, toc/README.t: Change phrasingJohn Ankarstrom
2021-07-04Add Makefile dependenciesJohn Ankarstrom
2021-07-04Fix paper sizesJohn Ankarstrom
2021-07-04Increase indentation in @p, @q, @l and @fJohn Ankarstrom
2021-07-04Rename .l(, .l) to .(l, .)lJohn Ankarstrom
2021-07-04v0.1v0.1John Ankarstrom
2021-07-04Makefile: Fix typoJohn Ankarstrom
2021-07-04Rename .x (bold italic) to .zJohn Ankarstrom
2021-07-03Add mk/t/ne.pdfJohn Ankarstrom
2021-07-03Move mk into separate directoryJohn Ankarstrom
2021-07-02README.t: Apply patch from James K. LowdenJohn Ankarstrom
2021-07-02README.t: Add missing genitive sJohn Ankarstrom
2021-07-01Update name in commentsJohn Ankarstrom
2021-07-01README: Clarify that kx.tmac is not installed by defaultJohn Ankarstrom
2021-07-01Update test files with new nameJohn Ankarstrom
2021-07-01Rename mu to mkJohn Ankarstrom
2021-07-01Add plain-text READMEJohn Ankarstrom
2021-06-28README.t: Document 'list' utilityJohn Ankarström
2021-06-28list: Use getoptJohn Ankarström
2021-06-27Add 'list' utilityJohn Ankarström
2021-06-24Split q macro into " (inline) and q (block-level)John Ankarström
2021-06-24ux.tmac: Improve he, se macrosJohn Ankarström
2021-06-24Add toc.1John Ankarström
2021-06-24Makefile: Add 'install' targetJohn Ankarström
2021-06-24Change name to muJohn Ankarström
2021-06-24README.t: Add minor changesJohn Ankarström
2021-06-24README.t: Add page break before headingsJohn Ankarström
2021-06-24Ensure final unfilled line is included before final page footerJohn Ankarström
2021-06-24Fix ./' interpreted as control characters in footnotesJohn Ankarström
2021-06-24Use floating-point division to set c point size, if availableJohn Ankarström
2021-06-24README.t: Add PDF bookmarks, linksJohn Ankarström
2021-06-24Ensure footer on last pageJohn Ankarström
2021-06-24Automatically enable extensions for Heirloom troffJohn Ankarström
2021-06-24Use Heirloom troffJohn Ankarström
2021-06-23gx.tmac: Fix ta callJohn Ankarström
2021-06-23Use ft/.f instead of fam/.famJohn Ankarström
2021-06-23README.t: Reflect new toc behaviorJohn Ankarström
2021-06-23Set q's ti to 18pJohn Ankarström
2021-06-23Add gx.tmac (extra macros)John Ankarström
2021-06-23toc/README.t: Document new behaviorJohn Ankarström
2021-06-23toc: Change toc script usage, skip unnecessary passesJohn Ankarström
2021-06-23toc: Use .so instead of .rdJohn Ankarström
2021-06-23toc: Add (toc) prefix to .te outputJohn Ankarström
2021-06-23toc/README.t: Correct errorJohn Ankarström
2021-06-23Capitalize first letter of sentenceJohn Ankarström
2021-06-23Rename example.t to README.tJohn Ankarström
2021-06-23Add toc/README.tJohn Ankarström
2021-06-23Rename troc/groc to toc/gtocJohn Ankarström