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README.t: Reflect new toc behavior
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@@ -647,10 +647,6 @@ macros
a script that invokes troff in three passes
in order to allow a table of contents to be generated
-.i gtoc ,
-an alias of
-.i toc
-that invokes groff instead of troff
.c te
@@ -693,14 +689,11 @@ Wherever you want the table of contents to be inserted,
you may simply invoke
.c to .
-Just remember to run
-.c toc /\c
-.c gtoc
-instead of
-.c troff /\c
-.c groff :
+Just remember to use
+.c toc
+to run your processing pipeline:
-gtoc -Tps example.t > example.ps
+<example.t toc refer \\| troff -Tps >example.ps
Thanks to the multiple passes performed by
.i toc ,
@@ -709,14 +702,6 @@ can be invoked at any place in the document,
including the beginning.
The macros listed above are the ones used to generate
the table of contents of this document.
-Note that you can invoke a custom program instead of troff
-by setting the
-environment variable.
-This may be useful if you need to combine
-.i toc
-with certain troff post-pocessors.
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