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@@ -87,7 +87,7 @@ by editing the source code.
It makes use of the extended support for environments
offered by modern troff implementations.
-It is designed to be practically easy to use.
+It is designed to be practical and easy to use.
Macros consist of a single lowercase letter.
@@ -134,7 +134,7 @@ See p. \n[&toc] for more information.
.i Mk
makes heavy use of named environments,
supported by implementations such as GNU troff, Heirloom troff and Neatroff.
-Environments obliviate the need for many special registers
+Environments obviate the need for many special registers
that a macro package (and its user) would otherwise need to keep track of.
For example,
.i ms
@@ -198,7 +198,7 @@ the indentation of the first line in some environments
These can be set inside a given environment
to control its behavior when invoked.
-The only exception are the margin and footnote environments
+The only exceptions are the margin and footnote environments
.c @m , (
.c @f ),
which are treated specially
@@ -221,7 +221,7 @@ For now, we will focus on the external macros provided by
.se Inline macros
-There is a group of macros that provide
+There are a group of macros that provide
convenient inline formatting.
All take three arguments:
the text to be formatted,