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2021-01-209vm: Introduce small delay in start functionHEADmasterJohn Ankarström
Otherwise, pgrep will fail, because screen + QEMU takes a fraction of a second longer to start. I found it simplest to sleep a whole second before running pgrep.
2021-01-20Add 9vm init.d scriptJohn Ankarström
9vm controls a Plan 9 virtual machine.
2020-11-20Truncate apk-file output in ttyJohn Ankarström
2020-11-20Add descriptive comment to apk-fileJohn Ankarström
2020-11-20Show repo in apk-file outputJohn Ankarström
2020-11-20Add 'apk-file' toolJohn Ankarström
2020-11-15Add 'capcom' toolJohn Ankarström
2020-11-15Add 'shiftdown' toolJohn Ankarström
2020-11-15Add 'm' mount toolJohn Ankarström
2020-10-30Move Minecraft config to separate branchJohn Ankarström
2020-10-30Update Minecraft configJohn Ankarström
2020-10-30Add Minecraft server configJohn Ankarström