AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-06-28wpdf: Return 0 on exitJohn Ankarström
2021-06-28wpdf: Exit when all children have exitedJohn Ankarström
2021-06-28xtopen: Don't print output of whichJohn Ankarström
2021-06-21wpdf: Support multiple implicit dependenciesJohn Ankarström
Turns out that make's -dv option is rather inflexible.
2021-06-21wpdf: Support implicit dependenciesJohn Ankarström
2021-06-21p: Capture stderrJohn Ankarström
2021-06-20gspell: Exit with correct statusJohn Ankarström
2021-06-19Add READMEJohn Ankarström
2021-06-18Add 'gspell' utilityJohn Ankarström
2021-06-18Add imgur scriptJohn Ankarström
2021-06-18xtopen: Add -k option (keep open)John Ankarström
2021-06-18wpdf: Fail if call to watch failsJohn Ankarström
2021-06-17wpdf: Rewrite in PerlJohn Ankarström
2021-06-15Improve 'g' utilityJohn Ankarström
2021-06-15Add 'with-pager' utilityJohn Ankarström
2021-06-10ce: Use stdin instead of argumentJohn Ankarström
2021-06-10Add 'ce' utilityJohn Ankarström
2021-06-10g: Search *.ccJohn Ankarström
2021-06-09Add 'g' utilityJohn Ankarström
2021-06-09xtopen: Add -K flag (keep window on error)John Ankarström
2021-06-09Add with-shell* utilitiesJohn Ankarström
2021-06-09xtopen: Append " (cwd)" to title of xterm windowJohn Ankarström
2021-06-08Add 'xtopen' utilityJohn Ankarström
2021-06-08Add 'cuthere' utilityJohn Ankarström
2021-06-08Add 'lorem' utilityJohn Ankarström
2021-06-08Add 'colortest' utilityJohn Ankarström
2021-06-08Add 'p' and 'P' utilitiesJohn Ankarström
2021-06-06wpdf: Note argument errorsJohn Ankarstr\xf6m
2021-06-06Add 'child' utilityJohn Ankarstr\xf6m
2021-06-05Add 'wpdf' utilityJohn Ankarstr\xf6m
2021-06-03f: Improve sed compatibilityJohn Ankarstr\xf6m
2021-06-03each: Support |, &&, || separatorsJohn Ankarstr\xf6m
2021-06-02Add 'each' utilityJohn Ankarstr\xf6m
2021-06-01Add 'flip' utilityJohn Ankarstr\xf6m
2021-06-01Makefile: Don't install directoriesJohn Ankarstr\xf6m
2021-05-31Add 'isort' utilityJohn Ankarstr\xf6m
2021-05-31Add 'inc' utilityJohn Ankarstr\xf6m
2021-05-20Rename 'ft' to 'f'John Ankarström
It is such a commonly used utility that it might as well be as easy to type as possible.
2021-05-20Add 'ft' utilityJohn Ankarström
2021-05-03mkmv: Fix bugJohn Ankarström
2021-05-03Makefile: Change manual locationJohn Ankarström
2021-05-03Add 'mkmv' utilityJohn Ankarström
2020-11-24ep: Use mktemp instead of $RANDOMJohn Ankarström
$RANDOM is (unfortunately) not POSIX, and mktemp is safer permission-wise.
2020-11-24ord: Use ep to edit orderJohn Ankarström
2020-11-24ep: Add manualJohn Ankarström
2020-11-24Add 'cpy' / 'pst', 'ep' and 'ord' utilitiesJohn Ankarström