safetitle(1) General Commands Manual safetitle(1)

safetitlesafely set title of terminal window

safetitle [-d] title

safetitle sets the title of the current terminal window, unless the current terminal type is blacklisted. By default, the single blacklisted terminal is NetBSD's wscons(4).

If run within screen(1), safetitle will correctly identify the terminal in which screen(1) is run. If there are multiple terminals attached to the same screen(1) session, safetitle will ensure that none of them are blacklisted.

The reason why safetitle is superstitious about the type of the terminal is that some terminals do not support the control sequences that modify the title. Specifically, NetBSD's wscons(4) is rendered (nearly) unusable when it is sent such control sequences. safetitle provides a simple interface to setting the title in terminals that support it, while leaving terminals that do not support it alone.

If you pass the -d flag, safetitle will warn you if the current terminal type is blacklisted.

safetitle is written by John Ankarström <john (at) ankarstrom.se>.

safetitle uses as identification the secondary device attributes as reported by the terminal. This may or may not be reliable.

August 10, 2022 OpenBSD 7.0