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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-12-15explorer: Fix Win-double click (broken by layout hotkey change)John Ankarström
2021-02-05explorer: Remove unnecessary DLL callJohn Ankarström
2021-01-30explorer: Fix command prompt bugJohn Ankarström
2021-01-18programs.explorer: Remove Alt-Up hotkey (Windows 7 already provides it)John Ankarström
This hotkey was useful in Windows XP, but doesn't work properly in Windows 7. I could probably fix it, but it's easier to just use Windows 7's built-in hotkey.
2021-01-18programs.explorer: Open cmd as user with new RunAsUser functionJohn Ankarström
I usually run the script as administrator, but this creates friction when logged into Windows as a non-administrator. For example, mounted SMB shares are not available in the administrator's cmd window.
2020-12-26explorer: Add copy file path hotkeyJohn Ankarström
2020-12-26explorer: Fix and improve new text file hotkeyJohn Ankarström
2020-12-26doubleclick, explorer: Simplify DoubleClick functionJohn Ankarström
Also invoke Edit2 action when Shift is held.
2020-12-11Remove default browser hotkeysJohn Ankarström
These were desigend for Windows XP. If I start browser-hopping again, I might re-instate these hotkeys and update the registry files for Windows 7.
2020-12-02Switch to Windows 7John Ankarström
2020-12-01Switch from spaces to tabswindowsxpJohn Ankarström
2020-11-20add git commit -a hotkeyJohn Ankarström
2020-11-03add git add --patch hotkeyJohn Ankarström
2020-11-03combine file/branch/folder-specific git hotkeysJohn Ankarström
2020-11-03make git hotkeys support multiple selected filesJohn Ankarström
2020-11-02remove "origin" from git push hotkeyJohn Ankarström
2020-11-02reverse file/branch-specific git hotkeysJohn Ankarström
2020-10-31stop using Alt-D hotkey for GitJohn Ankarström
2020-10-31update explorer git hotkeysJohn Ankarström
2020-10-31use alt hotkeys for git mode instead of prefixJohn Ankarström
2020-10-31add "git mode" for explorer windowsJohn Ankarström
2020-10-23first commitJohn Ankarström