Ui markup language

Ui Hirasawa

Ui is a markup language inspired by vi.

Unlike most markup languages, such as XML, HTML and Markdown, Ui is not based on "wrapping". Instead, Ui uses vi-like commands and movements to mark up portions of text.

Following are a few comparisons between Ui and other markup languages.

\; Ui				<!-- Markdown -->
Lorem ipsum\i2b dolor		*Lorem ipsum* dolor
\b$sit amet.			**sit amet.**
\; Ui				<!-- HTML -->
\p}				<p>
Lorem ipsum dolor		Lorem ipsum dolor
sit \uwamet.			sit <u>amet</u>.

In Ui, markup requests begin with a backslash, followed by a command and a movement. Above are examples of the commands i, b, p and u. Additionally, a number of movements were used: