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Specifically, the Classic Web is the name of the web site located at But more generally, the classic web is a collection of web sites and pages designed to be accessed from classic operating systems (pre-2000).

This web site serves as a hub for the classic web. It consists of a collection of links, divided into various categories. The pages linked are served over HTTP and are written in HTML and simple CSS, generally without JavaScript. They should not require a high monitor resolution.

Links that don't follow those rules are marked with a red asterisk (*) followed by a small explanation:

  • *SSL: The page requires an encrypted connection, but accepts ciphers that can be installed on some classic computers. On Mac OS 8.6+, you may want to use Classilla.
  • *CSS: The page uses a stylesheet that degrades the experience on classic computers.
  • *Brittle: The design of the page easily breaks depending on the browser you use.
  • *Cramped: The page is not designed with low resolutions in mind.
  • *Slow: The page is slow to load on older computers.

Submit a link

Send an e-mail to <john+classicweb (at sign)>.

Not all links are accepted. First, they have to be usable in older browsers; I currently test them in Internet Explorer 5 for Mac OS 9 at a screen resolution of 800×600. Second, they have to be interesting to me.

If you submit your own page to the collection, you are encouraged to link back to the Classic Web list, as well as to any other interesting pages on the web.


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  1. Mac Garden's search functionality is dog slow on OS 9. I recommend using Google instead. It's a bit tricky, though, because Google sometimes indexes HTTPS addresses for Mac Garden, so you have to hover of the link to see the HTTPS address and then manually enter the correct HTTP address yourself.

    Also, I recommend downloading large files using a standalone HTTP client like Interarchy. It will be way faster than a web browser.


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