Stream audio from iOS to Snow Leopard via AirPlay

When I use Snow Leopard, I usually listen to music on my iPhone, which means I have to connect my headphones to my phone instead of my computer, and then back when I want to listen to something on the computer. This gets a bit annoying, especially if I get a call on the phone.

Luckily, I’ve found a way to play the audio from my iPhone on my Mac, even on an operating system as old as Snow Leopard. In fact, I suspect it would even work on Tiger. The solution is a piece of software called shairport-sync, which is available in the MacPorts repositories:

$ sudo port install shairport-sync

Now, you can start the receiving server:

$ shairport-sync -d

This starts it as a daemon. Use the -k option to kill it. If you want to start shairport-sync automatically at boot, I recommend using LaunchControl.

Now, you can select your Mac as an AirPlay audio output on your iOS device!

Update: For my Windows PC, I found Shairport4w, which provides a nice graphical interface as well.

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