I got a great deal of response on, and I thought I could include some of it here. Thanks for all your comments!


One benefit of using a CMS or site generator is an automatic RSS feed. Hint: this blog currently has no RSS feed ;)

As a response to this, I've cobbled together a PHP script that automatically generates an RSS feed from my index page (I chose RSS specifically because it is less strict than Atom). As such, I now have an RSS feed, and I still don't have to worry about generating anything myself.


Case in point about the downsides, the cv link is correct on the author's homepage. It is not correct on this page. That's an easy mistake to make, and I've definitely made versions of it. However, it's much more pleasant to fix when you can fix it everywhere by updating a template.

I fixed this with a simple sed command:

  $ sed -i 's,href="cv",href="../cv",' */*.html


I love this. It's sort of opposite to my own view where all of my writings are in plain text files, allowing me to do things that would otherwise be crushed by the layout. I think the "copy and alter"-method of authoring is genius in a world where everything is anxiously polished and uniform. To let the progression be a part of the published material is just beautiful. And exceedingly rare.

Apart from being really nice, this comment summarizes my final point perfectly. Thank you!